Two Scottish soldiers return from Afghanistan, home to Leith (Edinburgh, Scotland) to the warm embrace of their families.

Musicals don’t do much for me – and this one didn’t improve the situation. Saccharine plot that seemed like an episode of Neighbours – about six characters, most of whom are couples, experience just about every clichéd negative relationship experience one could have, combined with the results of war trauma, but all experienced while singing foot-tapping tunes (yes, I did tap my feet a couple of times). But the whole thing was just too soppy and you just knew it was all going to be sunshine eventually. The dialogue was obviously written to make way for the songs (a few of which were ok). There were so many plot lines happening that none of them have time to be developed with any depth – and because of that, there was quite a bit of jumping around. The movie is set in Edinburgh, Scotland, so the city backdrops and landscapes are beautiful – shows off the city really well. SUNSHINE ON LEITH is a feel good movie with no sex (apart from some mild kissing) or violence that is clearly targeting an older age group – the older members of the audience around me clearly appreciated the movie. Disappointing but will suit those who like low-key, feel good romantic musicals.