An alien seductress preys upon the population of Scotland.

This movie is better after seeing it than during the seeing of it! As I have reflected on the movie I can see it is possibly making comment on the way in which women may feel alienated in a society where many men construct women as sexual objects. The movie does, I think, have a lot to say. Why,though, does it need to be done in such a boring, pretentious manner?

During the opening credits, Scarlett Johansson’s name appears in white on a black background – that’s it. We don’t find out the names of the other actors (mostly men) until the final credits. And there’s good reason. UNDER THE SKIN is Johansson’s movie in a daring role different to anything she’s done before. In the movie HER, we never saw Johansson on screen. Her amazing voice, dripping with sensuality, conveyed all we needed. In UNDER THE SKIN there’s minimal dialogue and it is what she does with her body that is central – and she is very good.

The cinematography is very depressing – drab colours, constant rain, dark shadows, fog, and grey landscapes. The soundtrack is disturbing as is the visual imagery. UNDER THE SKIN is highly original and it may seem that what I’ve said above is positive. That’s true but the overall experience of watching the movie just didn’t work for me.