Three radical environmentalists look to execute the protest of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam. — IMDB

Very low-key exploration of the lead up and aftermath of three young people who perpetrate an act of ecoterrorism that has serious consequences. Jessie Eisenberg (Josh) and Dakota Fanning  (Dena), in particular, put in highly nuanced performances as they are forced to deal with the emotional agony that follows their actions. It’s psychologically chilling to think that people who set out to do what they think is right can end up doing things that they genuinely regret and that have unexpected impact on others. Viewers who are looking for thrills and action will not find it here. It’s a deeply meditative film, in many ways – it is hauntingly provocative. The anxiety of the characters is palpable. This movie is a thought-provoking look at radical violence in the cause of justice that can go terribly wrong.