An Australian man travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons. —IMDB

Russell Crowes directorial debut is a solid drama that is, apparently, inspired” by a true story. Its rough around the edges with a couple of serious flaws. Casting Dan Wyllie as Captain Charles Brindley is a very bad choice. Wyllie overacts and gives us a caricatured English accent that just doesnt work. Every time he is on screen, he distracts from the authentic feel of the script. And, for me, the way in which the main character, Connor (played well be Russell Crowe), finds his three sons (using a method subtly connected to water divining) is totally unbelievable and contrived. Apart from that, its an entertaining drama that celebrates the sacrifices of those who are deeply affected by war. Of particular note is Yilmaz Erdogan who puts in an excellent performance as Major Hasan. Supporting cast (except for Wyllie) are strong. All in all, a worthy first director outing for Crowe and a mostly satisfying watch.