Travis, is a thirty-something psychiatrist haunted by the death of a former patient. On the brink of a nervous breakdown he stumbles across a group run by a charismatic leader, Father Jay. In search of answers, Travis is led deeper and deeper into the underworld of a Doom’s Day cult where he meets Grace, a mysterious teenage girl. When the cult comes under attack from the outside world, Travis must risk his life to free a girl, and save his soul. – Written by BK (IMDB)

Made here in my home town of Adelaide, South Australia, this is an intense (and tense) psychological thriller that explores the nature of cultic seduction that preys on the despair of vulnerable people. The acting was mostly good apart from the last act when I thought that Tilda Cobham-Hervey, who plays the character of Grace, wasn’t quite believable. The story is compelling and disturbing with an excellent musical score and moody cinematography. This movie has the feel of something that could have come out of Scandinavia. ONE EYED GIRL may not be in cinemas for long, so make sure you catch it. If you can’t, watch out for it on video.