SUMMARY: A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breath-taking female A.I.

MY REVIEW: This movie is so good I have saw it twice in two days. One of the most intriguing philosophical sci-fi movies I’ve seen for ages. At the heart of this movie is the Turing Test (proposed by Alan Turing whose story was told in the recent ENIGMA MACHINE). You can read about the test here: This story pushes the test even further with some very thought provoking twists. The actors (unknown to me) are great, particularly Alicia Vikander who plays Ava, the artificially intelligent robot. Her performance is stunning. The plot is tightly constructed with constant surprises, forcing the viewer to shift perceptions constantly. The music is ominously appropriate. While the movie focuses heavily on ideas, it is still excellent, unsettling entertainment.