Meera, a beautiful Australian women of Indian origin, living in Sydney. Divorced and a single mother, she follows her dreams, instead of that of her parents’. Falling in love with a Australian man Will, for Meera is not only scandalous, it’s UNindian. (Written by Thushy Sathiamoorthy, IMDB)

UNINDIAN is cliched and predictable. There is some value in the way that the viewer is educated about cultural issues and how children of Indian parents face challenges in living in two worlds – and for white Australians entering it. The acting was ok, but seemed stilted and forced at times. This is, of course, Brett Lee’s first foray into acting. Fortunately, he is working with some experienced Indian actors. The whole thing felt like an amateur production (maybe shackled by a limited budget). Tannishtha Chatterjee (Anna Karenina) was good and her young sister, Smitha, played by first time child actor Maya Sathi, was delightful.The matriarch of the family was great too. So, overall, not a great movie although some of the characters are fun and the last act ramped up the tension a bit. Wait for the DVD.