C’EST LA VIE! (2017)

C'est La VieMax is a battle-weary veteran of the wedding-planning racket. His latest — and last — gig is a hell of a fête, involving stuffy period costumes for the caterers, a vain, hypersensitive singer who thinks he’s a Gallic James Brown, and a morose, micromanaging groom determined to make Max’s night as miserable as possible. But what makes the affair too bitter to endure is that Max’s colleague and ostensible girlfriend, Joisette, seems to have written him off, coolly going about her professional duties while openly flirting with a much younger server. It’s going to be a very long night… especially once the groom’s aerial serenade gets underway.

C’EST LA VIE is a gently humorous comedy-drama romance that skips along at a satisfying pace. It’s great to see some genuine wit rather than a lot of the shock-tactic material that is so common nowadays. The cast looks like they are enjoying their roles and deliver some surprises in a story where things continually go from bad to worse. A pleasure to watch.