Crazy Rich AsiansAn American-born Chinese economics professor (Rachel) accompanies her boyfriend (Nick) to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, only to get thrust into the lives of Asia’s rich and famous.

A dreadful movie slightly rescued by the final act which finally has at least some dramatic tension. If you want to see some tourists sights of Singapore, check it out, but don’t go for the story which is almost obscured by all the focus on the vapid lives of those who flaunt their social status, narcissistic lifestyles, and obscene wealth. Nothing about this is actually funny. The acting is terrible although Constance Wu (playing Rachel) has occasional glimmers of skill as does Michelle Yeoh who plays the powerful mother of Nick. What there is of a story is told without subtlety and is clichéd and predictable. Jon Chu, the director, seems to want to make the film a high intensity non-stop high with the soundtrack, the camera zipping around seeing the beautiful, clean city of Singapore, with everyone partying non-stop. Yes, love is more important than money. But a good story is also more important than cinematography and terrible characters. I was glad it was over.